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Dromex® F103, lightweight and easy to breathe, disposable 3 ply face masks,
is intended to cover the nose and mouth in order to minimise the incidence
of cross infection of airborne infective bacterial agents generated from the
respiratory tract, suitable for use in medical, dental, food preparation and other
clean or sensitive environments.

Dromex® DR-F103 disposable 3 ply face mask, features the following:
• An adjustable soft aluminium nose bar allows for ease of moulding onto
nose and optimum fit
• 100% Latex free ear band loop prevents irritation and eliminates pressure
on the ear
• Hypoallergenic due to the polypropylene synthetic material preventing
• Glass fibre free
• Automatic ultrasonic bonding adds to the cleanliness of the mask
• Lightweight and comfortable to use in humid environments
• A 3 pleat triple layer construction provides stronger support to the mask.